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Our Story

ELS Vision Photo Studio based in New York

We are a group of photographers that creative and talented. We know that you might have good phones and cameras which give you high-quality pictures sometimes. But we as professionals always have magic. The magic of light, the magic of time, and the magic of art. We loved to share our knowledge of all those magic with you. Just one call, you will find a new way to discover your life

Our company was founded in 2018. We worked with lots of wedding studios in NYC. We had a great team to provide professional services. All our team members have excellent experience dealing with different kinds of requirements.

  • We love what we do
  • We are transparent
  • We listen to your needs
  • We are respectful
  • We listen to your needs
  • We love what we do

The wedding is a long story. The first day you meet, the first dinner you ate, the first date you have, everything is a symbol of your love story. The climax of the story is the wedding. Please let our team help you save this beautiful day.


Portraits are artistic representations of individuals, typically focusing on their face and sometimes including their upper body. Portraits have been a significant form of artistic expression for centuries and can take various forms, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and, more recently, photography.


Fashion is a cultural and artistic expression of clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup, hairstyle, and body adornment that reflects individual tastes, societal trends, and cultural influences. It encompasses a wide range of styles, aesthetics, and clothing choices that people use to express their identity, personality, and sense of belonging. Here are some key aspects of fashion


Editorial Content: In media and publishing, editorial content refers to the written, visual, or multimedia material produced by editors, writers, photographers, and other content creators. This content often includes articles, news stories, features, opinion pieces, reviews, and photographs that are published in newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, and other media outlets.


Selected Work

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Joana Griffin

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Angela Ray
Rays Family

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Laura Foster

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Marie Smith
The Smiths
Our Team

The Creatives

April Ryan
Robin Smith
Olivia Nelson
Jeremy Welch​

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